so ive been truly whack with taking true care of my temple. i think i attempt to take on too much at one time and/or simply don’t focus on completing simple & effective daily goals. 

fitness goals:

  1. be more realistic
  2. take my time
  3. take things one day at a time
  4. do a little something every day
  5. drink that water

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Tell him to eat healthy. by bringingqueensback


Tell him to eat healthy. by bringingqueensback

Moon Fast Conclusion

On day 3 I decided to break my fast. A friend invited me to a day out, which included lunch.

Before I Left Home:

  • made another green smoothie to drink at home and take on the road (previous post)
  • drank a bag load of water
  • put 2 unsweetened all natural apple sauce cups into my bag (didn’t eat them though)

While I Was Out:

  • my friend offered me some watermelon. PERFECT food to break a fast with
  • we went to a vegan spot in bk i ordered a green juice & 2 mini corn tostadas topped with avocado, greens, beans, and salsa (appetizers). they were okay, didn’t eat all. 

 this was the lightest period I have had in MONTHS. 

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Moon Fast Day 2

once again just went with the flow of how i felt. no guilt if i chose to eat food or not. i decided on:

  • a positive outlook on my day aka prayer
  • water water water
  • multivitamins
  • pure unsweetened pineapple juice diluted with water and a hint of s. pelligrino [however, did some further reading on s. pellegrino and perrier. both are owned by nestlé & have had issues with either uranium or benzene. so i think im going to lay off of it for right now]
  • green juice: kale. ginger. green apple. 
  • pineapple juice diluted with water
  • im going to make another smoothie before i go to bed. depending on what time i rest will determine the thickness/heartiness of the smoothie. 
  • dinner smoothie: pineapple juice. water. coconut creme. amazing grass lime super green powder. 

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the green juice i consumed yesterday & ordered again today while fasting

the green juice i consumed yesterday & ordered again today while fasting

Fasting On My Moon

yesterday without any planning i fasted. it was the first day of my moon. sometimes simply just tuning into yourself is all that you need. i feel great and am going to continue to fast until i feel like delicately devouring a good home prepared vegan meal. [p.s when i fast during my moon i have zero cramping, etc.]

i consumed during my fast

  • a positive outlook on most of my day
  • water water water
  • ginger, pineapple, lemon, & vanilla elixir
  • a green juice with green apple (helps with intestinal parasites because it is somewhat sour[acidic] but still adds a little sweet) 

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